Charlotte Cornish

A Good Day III - etching with screenprint

A dynamic combination of etching and silkscreen techniques by one of the UK's most exciting contemporary printmakers.  A stunning exploration of the relationship between emotion and colour.

Charlotte Cornish studied Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton, then went on to postgraduate work at the Slade and Central St. Martins in the 1990s  She is one of the leading exponents of the contemporary movement in abstract printmaking.  Her work is strongly influenced by her experiences of travel in Central America and the Far East. 

 "I have always found inspiration from places I have visited. I often use photographs as an initial starting point for my compositions, but my paintings are not representations of places, but a mixture of elements from the seen world, and my own emotional responses and experience.  

I am fascinated by the qualities of paint, the unending possibilities of colour and colour relationships, and the potential this has to create connections and reactions. Acrylic paint is my preferred medium as this dries relatively quickly, allowing me to build up many layers of thinly poured paint, contrasting with directly applied, thicker marks. I wait until the paintings are dry before applying subsequent new marks. This allows me to remove or modify painted areas, without affecting the preceding layers. The paintings take about eight weeks to complete.  

My prints are all Limited Edition Original Prints. The screen prints and lithographs have been made from a series of my own hand painted stencils, one for each colour printed. The resulting image exists only in its printed form. There is no ‘original’ from which the print has been copied. I have worked with several different print studios to produce the editions, including The Curwen Studio, Coriander and The Print Studio.  


I regularly exhibit my paintings and prints, selling to both private and corporate customers. A large part of my practice is engaged with commissioned work, working with numerous art consultancies and galleries, producing work for commercial and domestic environments." Charlotte Cornish


Clear Moment I - screenprint

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